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THE LAW OFFICE OF JORGE L. VIERA P.A  is centrally located in Miami and Fort Myers and offers flexible hours, including weekends, if required. Mr. Viera would be pleased to meet with the client and family members. The consultation is Free of Charge.


Jorge L. Viera is a Florida born attorney that has successfully represented clients charged with criminal offenses for more than 20 years. Mr. Viera’s success ratio have been excellent, even on difficult high profile cases and growth has been attained though referrals of satisfied clients.

Jorge L Viera, in addition to his expertise and knowledge, is focused on the legal representation of the client. He understands that an arrest and conviction will impact the life of his clients and their families. His main objective is to avoid incarceration and a conviction, therefore striving to preserve his client’s liberty, employment, family stability and reputation.

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Know Your Constitutional Rights:


You have the Right to remain silent.  Anything you say to the police Can and Will be used against you in a court of law.  You have the Right to speak to an attorney before and during questioning.  If you request to speak to an attorney and you cannot afford an attorney, the police may not question you until an attorney is appointed to you.  If you decide to speak without an attorney, you have the Right to stop answering questions at any time you choose. 

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